What is Ultrasound/3D Ultrasound?

For years, hospitals and doctors’ offices have employed ultrasound technology to evaluate the health of mothers and their babies. Ultrasound has been shown to be a safe, inexpensive, and a highly accurate method of following pregnancy. Since ultrasound uses sound waves, there is no risk of radiation to your baby.

3D ultrasound is a relatively new technology that uses the same sound wave methods of conventional 2D ultrasound but applies advanced techniques to capture full 3D images of your child.

For your doctor, 3D ultrasounds provide an invaluable window into your pregnancy. But more importantly, each peek inside provides moments of celebration for you! The first glimpse of your child while still in the womb is truly a surreal experience. We at babyetch® want to capture these precious moments and forever etch them into memory.

Where can I get an Ultrasound/3D Ultrasound?

Your doctor’s office may provide this service as part of your routine prenatal care. Most doctors’ offices have the capability to save images from ultrasound machines onto CDs/DVDs. As part of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), you are entitled to your medical information, including medical images. Ask your doctor if a copy of your child’s ultrasound images can be saved for you.

Not all doctors’ offices have 3D ultrasound capability. Luckily, many towns and cities now offer 3D ultrasound boutiques that provide this service. We will soon be providing a comprehensive map of Ultrasound Studios. Please check back for an update! 

Life in Discovery – The babyetch® Experience:

babyetch® strives to make your experience memorable. We take the utmost pride in providing you a lasting memento of your child of the highest quality. Each one of our products is custom designed to your specifications and custom crafted from your baby's images.

Our Envivo™ product line only requires an uploaded image of your choosing. Once your purchase is complete, simply select an image from your computer or scan one in from a picture. Our our easy to use upload page appears at the end of your transaction. We accept multiple formats including JPG, GIF, TIFF, PNG, BMP, and OBJ. Once you’ve selected and uploaded an image to us, we take care of the rest. It’s just one click! You may also send us an image by email at

babyetch® and Your Health:

At babyetch® we celebrate the intimate connection between mother and child that begins in the womb. The connection that starts in the womb doesn’t end there. That’s why we strive to help foster both pre- and post-natal well-being.

Research has shown the benefit of 3D ultrasound on postpartum health(1). New evidence suggests the benefit of nurturing the prenatal connection by more tangible means during pregnancy (2). We offer that tangible connection by allowing you to hold your child before birth. Our Envivo™ series vividly captures the miracle of your child’s life – a memento of a lifetime that can contribute to your well-being, and ultimately your child’s.

Join the babyetch® family today by choosing your own Envivo™ series. 

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